Designing Carousels

Using Inkscape

This course teaches everything you should know to create and design compelling carousels to put your brand in the best light. Even if you have never designed before, by the end of this course, you would be able to work efficiently with the free and open-source graphic design software Inkscape.

Carousels, also known as "multiple image posts," allow users to post up to ten images or videos for their audience to swipe through. By creating valuable content and sharing it through Carousels, some users are beginning to see rapid growth on their social media accounts.

Designing Carousels Using Inkscape.png

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to setup and navigate the Inkscape software

  • A technique to draft your carousels content

  • Creating designs that stand out

  • Typography layout and tips

  • How to design a smooth transition between your designs

  • How to export your designs.